Best Practice Awards 2017 – more entries, more competition!

Many congratulations to all short-listed companies.We look forward to seeing you all, along with your teams, on 21 November 2017 at the Tower of London to celebrate what’s best about IR!

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This year we received more entries from more companies. The short-lists include some new names, particularly across the smaller end of the market. UK plc would appear to be well and good.

Every year the challenge is to assess the quality of the entries and to produce quality short-lists. This year was no exception and in our recent experience, not only was the process of assessment more competitive but also more closely scored, particularly at the larger end of the market. For this, we give you all the credit you deserve.

Of particular note this year is, for the first time, the assessment of digital reporting under the award categories for both Best Annual Report and Digital Communications. For the quantitative assessments, we thank the Business Schools of Edinburgh, Lancaster and Manchester that screen the entries with the aid of research-based software that can compare and contrast narrative reporting across companies. UK plc is indeed looking competitive and strong!

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John Gollifer, General Manager of the IR Society

Published 12 October, 2017

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