IR meets CR!

John Gollifer reviews the recent event hosted alongside Corporate Citizenship and ICAEW - IR meets CR: Do investors care about sustainability?

Yesterday, the Society supported the good people from Corporate Citizenship at an ICAEW-hosted bonanza in the Great Hall where the two worlds of IR and corporate responsibility convened in large numbers.

We asked do investors care about sustainability? Through a compelling mix of company and investor presentations, supported by workshops skilfully moderated by the incomparable showman, Mike Tyrrell, top hat and all, Editor, SRI-Connect, as well as Mike Tuffrey, Co-Founder of Corporate Citizenship, we concluded as follows:

  • Yes, companies and investors care about sustainability
  • Integration of CR and IR makes sense, albeit we are seeing different approaches
  • Both quantitative and qualitative data are important in the process of measuring progress in companies
  • Ideally the quality assurance of all data, be it quantitative or qualitative, should be assured, albeit we recognise some practical difficulties in more testing areas, like human rights and social capital issues
  • Sustainability has reached the C-suite as demonstrated by some companies’ recognition of the role
  • Integrated reporting has begun, albeit we expect the response to improve slowly and surely from more companies
  • Company and investor engagement remains key

Thank you to our members and partners for a most successful collaboration at one of the largest events to date this year!

Published 22 February, 2018

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