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Bowen Craggs

Delivering a world-class investor relations service online must start with the question: “What do analysts, institutional investors and individual shareholders want?"

Bowen Craggs has discovered the answers through a programme of desk research, investment community interviews and surveys of more 300,000 visitors to many of the world's largest companies’ websites.

Our IR rankings are derived from the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence, which evaluates the online estates of the 200 biggest companies in the world by market cap. It measures the entire corporate online presence: websites, social media and other digital channels; and across all devices.

Visit and filter by ‘Serving investors’ to see the latest ranking of top global online IR operations.

You can rely on the independence of Bowen Craggs' advice because we do not build websites or sell IR tools. What we do is help you to improve your effectiveness with clear strategy, expert benchmarking, market research, analytics, best practice and content advice. Our research – gathered over 14 years and used by more than 50 of the Fortune Global 500 – can help you find and maintain the right course.


Dan Drury, Partner
Bowen Craggs & Co.
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Services: Get an Online IR health-check from Bowen Craggs

Identifies strengths & weaknesses and provides tailored recommendations for improvement.

Plus, best practice identification tailored to your needs - providing valuable and cost-saving shortcuts and the opportunity to ‘leapfrog’ competitors.

Score your IR service against the Index of Online Excellence - the gold standard for digital comms performance.

Avoid others’ mistakes and be ready for emerging trends.

Provided as a concise report and telephone debrief.

Services: Internet services, Investor communications

Dan Drury


+44 (0)7786 707434

Post MiFID II,the responsibility for investor engagement is shifting inexorably to the companies themselves,IR will……

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