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The corporate website is one of companies most important communication channels and the first port of call for a wide range of stakeholders. It is key for communicating the corporate story and for making key content easily accessible.

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While some companies are storming ahead, many are stil only beginning to realize the Investor Relations sites communication opportunities. To avoid being on the wrong side of the emerging digital divide, we list the key fundamentals to consider and give practical tips on how to improve the IR site.

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Black Sun is an international corporate communications consultancy. In an inter-connected world, we believe that better communications help build better businesses. By creating more effective communications we help you to build greater engagement with your stakeholders and deepen their understanding of your business. The result is greater trust and confidence with your investors, greater advocacy and loyalty from your employees, and more goodwill from the communities in which you operate.

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Published 6 October, 2017

We kicked off 2019 with our first course last Thursday with a full house for our Intro to IR & Financial Markets, a……