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As businesses around the globe respond to calls to demonstrate their contribution to inclusive long-term value creation for all of society - change is in the air. Here are our top tips for Boards trying to better communicate their corporate stories.

We are expecting an overhaul of the UK's corporate governance with the publication of revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code, and at its core there are two key themes:

Firstly, a need to encourage business to take a longer-term view of value creation in order to address the UK's productivity problem.

Secondly, the view that in order to rebuild trust in business, organisations need to do more to demonstrate that stakeholders, and in particular, employees, are being treated fairly in business stratgey and decision-making.

Encouragingly, last week, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) announced it will revise and update its 2010 practice statement on Management Commentary, in acknowledgement of the developments in wider corporate reporting.

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Published 7 December, 2017

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