Self-entry awards

The self-entry awards are open to any company listed on a recognised stock exchange and entries can be submitted by the company or their advisers.

The 2020 self-entry awards categories can be found below. For each of the categories there will be separate awards for FTSE 100, FTSE 250, Small Cap & AIM, and international companies. 

To enter, please complete the online submission and attach your completed entry form for the relevant award category to your submission. The criteria that the judges will be using to assess the awards entries, the awards entry form and a useful FAQ document can be downloaded below.


Award Categories

Most Effective Overall Communication of Company Investment Proposition

Judges are looking for evidence that the company is presenting a consistent and differentiated approach to the communication of their investment proposition, and very importantly that the content provides clarity over what the investment proposition is, in a clear, consistent and actionable manner. Key to the communications highlighted will be demonstrating the innovative approaches which have been developed to effectively meet investor needs. 

​Best Communication of ESG

We are looking for evidence a of year-round communication approach to investors and wider stakeholders. It should provide insight into how environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities are identified, understood and proactively managed and measured to contribute to a business' competitive advantage. Judges will be looking for evidence of a clearly defined approach and consistent communications, with a consistent and proactive point of view on material ESG issues and long-term value creation across all communications with investors. 

Most Effective use of Digital Communications

Judges will be looking for evidence of the effective and evolving use of multi-channels, as well as the integration of additional supportive digital tools with consistent and clear messaging. The quality, design, usability, functionality, accessibility and above all else, the content, of the website and related materials will be the main areas of focus for the judges. The judges will also want to understand how you maintain your website, review analytics and seek stakeholder feedback to improve and develop your digital communications. 

Best Annual Report 

Judges are looking for evidence of an innovative and effective annual report that plays an integral part in the communication of the strategy and investment case of a company. It should provide a sense of the purpose, culture and identity of your organisation. Judges will also be looking for evidence of clear and concise communications, considering key stakeholders’ needs and how these are met through both your report and the digital expression of it.  

Please contact Rebecca White at or +44 (0) 20 7379 1763 for any queries or further information.

Download Best practice awards summary & FAQ

Download Most effective overall communication of company investment proposition entry form

Download Best communication of ESG entry form

Download Most effective use of digital communications entry form

Download Best annual report entry form

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