Valor IR Consulting

Valor IR Consulting

My company was created in 2015 to assist foreign-domiciled companies in their communications with American and British institutional investors.

For the last 40 years, I have been actively involved in the global investment markets, in both fixed income and public equity, as an institutional broker, and, for the last 14 year, as a senior portfolio manager for one of America’s largest corporate pension plans. My experience initially taught me and has reaffirmed ever since that first-class communications are an essential component in the building of long-term building relationships between the publicly listed company and its shareholders.

My focus on non-US companies is in direct response to the challenges posed by geography, language, investment culture and regulatory environment, factors that all add to the complexity of the dialogue between the two parties. But, with the right guidance and coaching, corporate executives, Board members and IR officers can maximize their interactions with their shareholders, building knowledge, understanding and trust.
A strong IR presence has long been recognized as a major contributor to the strength and resilience of the stock price. Many companies will experience, at some stage, a weak quarter or an unanticipated event that threatens to derail the stock. The company’s response at that time will demonstrate to the markets and send a clear message as to whether the company can weather the storm or be more permanently damaged by the problem. Investors with a comprehensive understanding of a company’s DNA, through high-class IR communications, are more likely to be patient in times of adversity.

Valor IR Consulting offers three major services:
              Written adaptation of home country corporate communications for the English-speaking institutional markets;
              Personal coaching for corporate officers preparing for conference calls, non-deal roadshows and conference presentations;
              Crisis response communications

If you would be interested in hearing more about these specialized services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact details:
       Jonathan L. Passmore. Principal,
       Valor IR Consulting LLC. 45 Sherman Street, Fairfield, CT 06824
       Telephone:  +1-203-258-2880

Services: Investor communications

Jonathan L. Passmore



Valor IR Consulting LLC.
45 Sherman Street,
Fairfield, CT 06824

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