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Post-IPO liquidity – how bad is it, does it matter and what can companies do about it? We have analysed three years of LSE data to answer the question, looking at 206 floats. To get the full benefit of being quoted on the capital markets, companies need to engage and understand that the market for investor airtime is very competitive. Engagement can take many forms including working more closely with investor relations advisors.

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Some of our findings show:

•             That post-IPO liquidity rapidly drains away

•             New £500-£1,000m floats see huge turnover in month one, but, thereafter, trade less than existing companies…

•             …whilst AIM floats trade less to start with

•             Surprisingly, there is almost no correlation between the size of an IPO and the % traded in the subsequent 12 months

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Published 12 July, 2018

I'll be running my first course for @IRSocietyUK on May 7 - Integrating IR, PR and Communications, along with Lorra……

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