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In a time of rapid change it is clear that companies need diverse skills and profiles in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The speed of change has made access to talent imperative; it has also made the onboarding process, in particular for senior executives, significantly more challenging. “Organ rejection” is a distinct risk in times of rapid corporate change; newly appointed candidates may also decide that the role is not for them. Fidelio is seeing a number of our clients and other leading organisations sharpen their focus on the onboarding process. Indeed, without an effective and thorough onboarding process, ambitious diversity targets will be nigh on impossible to achieve.

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Today’s business leaders face unprecedented disruption with a Pandora’s Box of:

  • Digitalisation
  • Geopolitical instability
  • The rise of populism
  • Anti-business sentiment
  • Climate change
  • Regulatory burden

Given the importance Fidelio attaches to onboarding we are delighted to collaborate with Katerina Gould, Executive Coach of Thinking Potential.  We have joined forces to produce a White Paper and share how we ensure talented and diverse candidates are successfully onboarded including into organisations undergoing substantial change.

Three Steps to Onboarding
This Paper addresses three aspects of onboarding:

  • Part 1: Setting up Search to succeed – why successful onboarding starts at the beginning of the Search assignment
  • Part 2: The formal process of onboarding – the value of coaching at this critical time
  • Part 3: A guide to successful Board induction – how new Board Members benefit from onboarding

The calibre, diversity, and effectiveness of the Board and Executive team provide clear competitive advantage. A company’s ability to attract and onboard fresh talent therefore is of material significance for shareholders and stakeholders. In this White Paper, we set out in practical terms how companies can increase the success rate of attracting and retaining external and diverse talent, in particular at a senior level.

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About Fidelio Partners

We are an integrated Search and Development consultancy supporting Board directors and Executives through strengthening the structure and skills of the top team.

Business leaders choose to partner with Fidelio because of our deep understanding of Finance, Strategy, Communications and Governance and our ability to source world-class talent across these functions.

Through Evaluation, Development and Search our clients can ensure that the Board and leadership team are well placed to:

  • secure on-going access to capital,
  • sustain corporate reputation and maintain the license to operate,
  • and thereby increase the value of the business.

Fidelio Partners is a signatory to the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms.

Published 2 March, 2018

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