Careers in IR

An overview of the investor relations profession

“Investor Relations is the communication of information and insight between a company and the investment community. This process enables a full appreciation of the company’s business activities, strategy and prospects and allows the market to make an informed judgement about the fair value and appropriate ownership of a company”

This is a two-way communications process which involves giving the market an accurate picture of a company's performance and prospects; and gaining feedback from the market to assist with planning and delivering strategy.

If a company's investor relations programme is successful, this should result in a fair market valuation for the company, a reasonable level of liquidity in shares and access to further capital. It is the role of the IRO to ensure that the investor relations programme is successful.

IR as a career

The investor relations profession is rapidly receiving the recognition it deserves as more and more companies realise the value of a well trained IR team.

People continue to come into IR from a wide range of backgrounds including financial PR, corporate communications and a whole range city jobs such as senior sell-side or buy-side analysts, fund managers, accountants and corporate financiers.

The IR Society provides a wide range of resources to assist all those involved in IR, whether they are experienced practitioners or new to the profession. These include the Certificate in Investor Relations (CIR), our professional development courses and informational events and the Knowledge Bank on this website which includes the IR Essentials guides, practical tips and techincal updates.

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