Mentoring Programme

IR Society Mentoring Programme 2024


The IR Society is pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 Mentoring Programme, which is open to all IR Society members. Applications for the programme will close on Friday 17 May 2024. 

All relevant documents can be downloaded at the foot of this page.

Objective of the programme

The programme aims to pair less experienced IR professionals with their more experienced peers, to help them to achieve specific career goals or simply to improve their understanding of the IR profession. We are thrilled that many of those who acted as mentors during the pilot programme have volunteered to carry on as mentors again in 2024.

How to apply

Members are invited to register their interest in taking part, either as mentors or as mentees (or both), by completing one of the simple online application forms below. The online application will provide us with enough information to match potential mentees with suitable mentors, based on our matching criteria. 

This online form will ask for information such as:


  • Current role (Job title, industry sector, company size / Index, etc.)
  • Length of IR experience
  • Specific career experience (e.g. M&A activity, activist investors, ESG etc.)

2024 Mentor Application Form 

If you have previosuly been a mentor and would be happy to continue for the 2024 programme please just email to let us know that you would like to continue. 


  • Current role (Job title, industry sector, company size / Index, etc.)
  • Length of IR experience
  • Career aspirations short/mid/long term 
  • Desired outcomes from mentoring programme (e.g. are you looking to improve in one specific area, or more general career development)

2024 Mentee Application Form

Next steps

Once all of the application forms have been received we will work through the matching process, with a view to making introductions between mentors and mentees by the end of May 2024. The programme will then run for six months from June - November/December 2024. 

If you have any questions at any time please contact

Download Benefits of Mentoring & The Mentoring Process

Download Mentoring Programme Overview

Download Mentoring Charter

Download Guidelines for Mentors

Download Mentoring Programme FAQs