Mentoring Programme

IR Society Mentoring Programme 2021 in partnership with Equitory


The IR Society, in partnership with specialist IR consultancy Equitory, is launching a virtual pilot mentoring programme in January 2021, with a view to developing a full online mentoring programme in the future. 

All relevant documents can be downloaded at the foot of this page.

Objective of the programme

The primary objective behind the programme is for the IR Society to provide a support mechanism to assist IR society members to achieve their career ambitions in IR and expand their IR skills and knowledge to benefit themselves and their organisations. It is also an opportunity for more experienced members to give something back to their profession. 

The webinar below gives an overview of the programme.

How to apply

For the pilot programme, we will invite corporate IROs to register their interest in taking part, either as mentors or as mentees, by completing a simple online application form. We aim to make the mentoring programme available across the membership as soon as possible. The online application will provide us with enough information to match potential mentees with suitable mentors, based on our matching criteria. 

This online form will ask for information such as:


  • Current role (Job title, industry sector, company size / Index, etc.)
  • Length of IR experience
  • Specific career experience (e.g. M&A activity, activist investors, ESG etc.)

Applications for the pilot programme have now closed


  • Current role (Job title, industry sector, company size / Index, etc.)
  • Length of IR experience
  • Career aspirations short/mid/long term 
  • Desired outcomes from mentoring programme (e.g. are you looking to improve in one specific area, or more general career development)

Applications for the pilot programme have now closed

Next steps

Now that the application process has closed we will be collating the applications and conducting the matching process during February 2021 in order to begin introductions at the beginning of March.  


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About Equitory

Founded in 2016 by Clara Melia, former Head of IR for ITV plc, Equitory are an Investor Relations consultancy dedicated to supporting small and mid-cap listed companies. We help companies implement high quality investor relations programmes. We specialise in supporting small and mid-cap companies, enhancing their market position while saving valuable management time. We leverage our expertise in investor relations and our relationships with analysts and investors, to develop a clear equity story and communication strategy for our clients.

Contact Details

Fiona O'Nolan

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