A non-experts guide to key financial terms

This half-day course is designed for those without a financial background and provides a grounding in the financial terms most commonly used in press releases, investor discussions and equity research notes.

This course aims to build a basic level of financial literacy by providing non-technical explanations, straightforward examples and the opportunity to practice simple calculations and analysis within a supportive environment. Delegates will learn how to use a company’s financial statements to analyse its performance over time and compared with competitors. They will then apply this knowledge to simplified, real-life examples. Finally, a sell-side analyst will explain how these same techniques are applied to create company forecasts, used in consensus calculations.

It will be of particular benefit to IR and Communications team members who do not have a financial background. It will also be helpful for service providers who engage with IR teams and want to better understand some of the language used.


This course is offered in conjunction with ‘Consensus: a best practice guide’, for which it provides an ideal introduction. The two half-day courses can be booked together with a 25% discount. Both courses take place on the same day.

We are in the process of finalising the next date for this course

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