FRC Invites applications for Stakeholder Insight Group

The FRC has launched the application process for its Stakeholder Insight Group (SIG), a new cross-stakeholder panel that will represent preparers, investors, audit committee chairs and other key parts of our stakeholder universe including reporting framework owners and civil society groups.

It inherits the role of several of existing advisory panels and groups and will bring representatives together in a manner that ensures better representation of the FRC’s stakeholders as reporting and governance expectations evolve. The FRC is seeking to appoint 20 members to the SIG, 10 to serve a nine-month term and 10 to serve an 18-month term, who will be given an opportunity to:

  • share insights on key opportunities and potential areas of focus for the FRC;
  • share perspectives on key areas of concern and emerging risks relating to accounting, reporting, auditing and governance issues;
  • provide input on policy development, the UK Corporate Governance Code, the UK Stewardship Code and the FRC’s approach to ESG and Climate reporting;
  • provide comments on regular enforcement and supervision activities such as Audit Quality Reviews and Enforcement Reviews; and
  • consider and respond to requests for input and advice from the FRC relating to thematic reviews and other ad-hoc projects.

You can apply to join the SIG by filling in this form by Friday 11 February, and applications are open to both new participants and members of previous FRC advisory groups.

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Published 26 January, 2022

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