Important information for CIR and ICIR candidates

We have released our updated Certificate in Investor Relations (CIR) Study Guide (ICIR Study Guide to come shortly)

The CIR and ICIR Study guide has been brought up to date with the latest information and looks at topics such as the practical aspects of the IR role and the equity markets; its contribution to the corporate profile and reputation; and the equity markets on which that company is listed. There are a number of key technical sections, covering legal and governance, regulatory, accounting and reporting obligations.  We also have a section on ESG and on consensus management, which are increasingly a focus by companies and shareholders alike, as well as updates on recent regulation and best practice.

The IR Society offers specific courses on regulation and accounting as well as a specific CIR revision course to help you with your studies.

The exam for the CIR and ICIR lasts one hour and is made up of 60 multiple choice questions, testing you on a range of topics contained in this guide.

New & Existing candidates

If you are an existing CIR candidate and are currently studying “© Copyright IR Society November 2018 Version XIX” you will be able to sit your exam based on this study guide up until the end of March 2020.  The exam dates are on our website.

If you are within a year of registration and have not set a date for your exam you will receive the updated study guide in January 2020 and you may choose to be examined on the new or your current guide (up until the end of March 2020).

Any registrations from January 2020 onwards you will automatically receive the updated study guide.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office on 0207 379 1763 or contact Kim Anderson on

Published 5 December, 2019

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