Informed 114 – Spring 2022

The main feature of the Spring issue of Informed is titled 'IR for retail investors'. It asks whether IROs are serving small investors well. A second feature is centred around investor feedback.

Informed 114 - cover

The main feature includes the following articles: 

  • The rise of the retail investor, and what that means for reporting, by Sean Bride;
  • Staying in touch with a large retail investor base, by Andrea Wentsche;
  • The changing tides of retail investor growth, by Cecilia Luras; and
  • Tailoring content strategies for retail investors, by Stephen Butler.

The investor feedback feature includes: 

  • Improving investor engagement through actionable feedback, by Christian Bacherl; and 
  • The secrets of feedback success, by Charles Hamlyn.

This issue also contains two international features:

  • Focusing on sustainability in Romania; and
  • Doing IR in high-growth markets.

We also present a number of other articles in this issue – which include:

  • Mastering virtual engagement, by Preston Gelman;
  • Meme stocks one year on, by Richard Davies;
  • Towards a global baseline, by Neil Stewart; and
  • Covid stocks wane as war hits, by Robert Irvin.

In addition to these external articles, we also present several IR Society and industry news pages: 

  • Getting back to business, by Society CEO, Laura Hayter;
  • Member insights: Louise Curran;
  • IR mentoring in 2022, by Robert Dann and Fiona O'Nolan;
  • Staying agile and adaptable; by Robert Dann;
  • Meet the IR Society team;
  • Industry news: Sustainability on centre stage, by Liz Cole; and 
  • MiFID II survey: The impact on IR and reform opportunities. 

As ever, we also include a full list of up-coming Society events and courses, new members, recent CIR passes, as well as a comprehensive IR services directory. 

If you would like to contribute towards a future issue of Informed, please contact Laura Hayter at

Published 31 March, 2022


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