Investor Forum publishes white paper on Governing for Growth

On 10 June 2021, the Investor Forum, whose purpose is to purpose is to position stewardship at the heart of investment decision-making by facilitating dialogue, creating long-term solutions and enhancing value, published a new report entitled ‘Governing for Growth’ which provides a practical guide for smaller and mid-sized developing companies which are listed on public markets.

According to Andy Griffiths, Executive Director of the Investor Forum:

“Following a number of collective engagements with growing companies over the last five years, the Investor Forum organised a series of round tables in late 2020 and convened a panel of professional experts and investors to identify indicators of growing company maturity and responses to enhance governance.

“While many companies navigate their growth and development from small cap stocks to larger businesses smoothly, this paper identifies a series of practical steps that companies can consider when going through such a transition. Our objective is to support the process of growth and development of companies as they grow their businesses and seek to deliver long-term sustainable value.

“In line with the Investor Forum’s practical approach, ‘Governing for Growth’ recognises that every company is different and that needs change over time. In compiling the report, Paul Lee and Habib Annous worked with the panel of experts to identify key observations and recommendations gained from many years of partnership with companies navigating challenging phases in their development.

“At a time when the value of being a UK listed public company is under intense scrutiny, this report aims to provide a practical framework for companies and advisers that we hope will be of benefit to all stakeholders.”

The ‘Governing for Growth’ report can be found here.

Published 10 June, 2021

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