IR Society Office Move

After almost 10 years in our current home in Coleman Street the IR Society will be moving to a new office early in 2024.

The move from a small warren of offices in Covent Garden to a purpose-designed, light, airy space in the City was a significant milestone in the Society's evolution. As well as providing a fantastic working environment, it also allowed us to host courses, events and committee meetings in our own space and to welcome our members - whether they needed somewhere quiet to make an important call or just to drop in to say hello between meetings.

As times and working practices have changed we felt it was time for a change and we will be moving to a new office in January 2024. We will still be based in the City, but will be in a slightly smaller space, more suited to our current working arrangements. Rest assured that we will remain as responsive as ever and will continue to offer our members all the benefits that they are used to. We will be moving into our new offices in late January,but you will be able to contact us in all the usual ways in the meantime - full contact details for the team can be found on the website here

Although we will be able to host courses and committee meetings in the new offices, the move will mean that there will be more opportunities for our members to showcase their offices by acting as hosts for IR Society courses and events. If this is something that you might be interested in please contact Christina Warren (Events) or Matthew David (Courses) for more information on what this entails. 

We’ll be hosting a welcome event for the membership in our new offices in the Spring, so please check back regularly for further details and please don't hesitate to contact the team if you have any questions at all.

Published 8 December, 2023

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