The A4S Essential Guide to Enhancing Investor Engagement

A4S and its CFO Leadership Network have produced this practical guide for investor relations teams on communicating effectively with investors about sustainability.

As we start to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of social and environmental issues on the global economy have never been clearer. For businesses around the world, there has never been a greater focus on sustainability. Over recent years the degree to which sustainability is integrated into investment decision making and interactions between companies and their investors has increased significantly. There is, however, more to do to make engagement as effective as possible.

The A4S Essential Guide to Enhancing Investor Engagement is a practical guide written by investor relations (IR) teams for investor relations teams, with contributions from CFOs, IR Directors and investors. The guidance has been developed based on the practical experience of CFOs and IR teams from across the A4S CFO Leadership Network, insights from investors and other experts. It also includes insights from the A4S survey run in partnership with the IR Society.

Read this guide to understand:

  • How best to engage with investors on environmental, social and governance issues and the drivers of long-term, sustainable value.
  • How to demonstrate to investors how your company’s business model, strategy, governance and performance have responded to relevant risks and opportunities.
  • Real-life examples, top tips and key takeaways on the successes and challenges of effective engagement between companies and different stakeholders across the investment value chain.

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Published 7 September, 2021

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