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How well are Europe’s largest blue-chip companies communicating their social responsibility stories online – outside of CSR reports? In short, high-level statements are not being backed up with the kind of content needed to build belief in the story. Communications consultancy, Bladonmore, takes a look at the growing credibility gap between what companies are doing around ESG and what they are perceived to be doing – and how to address it.

Bladonmore reviewed the corporate website of every company in the STOXX All Europe 100 index during August 2020. The research reveals that most large-cap companies are making bold, high-level statements on ESG issues – but many are not backing that up with convincing content across their websites.

The white paper explores the need for businesses to rethink and refocus how they are communicating ESG online, or risk leaving audiences unconvinced. It highlights examples of best practice, offers guidance on how organisations can improve their content and highlights the importance of storytelling in building belief in your ESG agenda. 


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Bladonmore is a specialist communications consultancy that helps clients tell their stories to the audiences that matter most to them. It provides strategic advice, coaching and content via teams in London, New York, Los Angeles and Dubai.


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Published 11 March, 2021

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