Essential Guide to Enhancing Investor Engagement - A4S

This is a practical guide for investor relations (IR) teams on communicating effectively with investors about sustainability. It explains how to engage with investors on sustainable business and the integration of environmental and social factors as drivers of value. This revised version has been updated to reflect the latest developments and rapidly changing investor relations landscape.

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There is no doubt that environmental and social factors are not only core business matters for all leading companies, but also are increasingly fundamental to the way investors are considering how and where they invest. Creating long-term sustainable value relies on an effective two-way dialogue between investors and companies. On the one hand, companies need to understand how investors incorporate sustainability into their investment decision making process and form a clear view of what information they need and how they expect it to be delivered. On the other hand, investors need to work collaboratively with companies, understanding the key social and environmental issues they face and how they are addressing them within their business, while holding them to account in an appropriate and constructive way.

Written by investor relations teams for investor relations teams, drawing on input from a variety of investors and experienced advisers in the field, the A4S Essential Guide to Enhancing Investor Engagement, provides practical guidance to help you take advantage of the growing investor focus on climate change, ESG and sustainable business. It draws on practical experience as well as interviews with companies, asset owners, asset managers and other participants in the investment value chain. This guide includes suggestions for effective engagement, as well as practical examples from industry leaders in the form of case studies, top tips and key takeaways. 

Published 7 September, 2021