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In a global and more interlinked world with supply chains across continents, the importance of finding value-added and insightful information is undoubtedly growing. Might an investor looking at Asian EV battery makers also be interested in European semis? How useful would it be to apply chains and links of industries into each other to think of exposures on the whole, and to get info on competition?

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Have You Ever Thought About…

How tiring is it to walk into a meeting answering basic questions like what portion of sales go into this and that segment, what are the target customers?

Are you trying but struggling to find investors in Asia to increase liquidity of the stock? How can one easily locate the “right” investors?

What themes are investors looking at? How to better highlight attractive aspects of the business?

What Actelligent Can Offer

Actelligent has created a platform to help companies and investors get informed by making it easy for them to collect all the information they need themselves.

  • Closer Connections with Investors
  • Identifying New Investors
  • Knowing Where Your Company Stands vs. Your Competitors

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About Actelligent

Actelligent is a first-of-its-kind platform offering an alternative channel for corporates and investors under MiFID2. It creates an ‘ecosystem’ where corporates, brokers, stock exchanges and industry experts can interact and share knowledge with investors through webinars and live chats. Users of the platform can now gain more local insights, not only in Europe, but also throughout Asia and North America.

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Charmaine Lo (CEO)
Actelligent Company Limited

Published 5 March, 2019

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