FTSE 100 Financial Results Reporting - How do you rate? The Edge Picture Company

In the 15 years leading up to COVID nothing had really changed in the way that companies presented their financial results. COVID forced change and some companies took the opportunity to do things differently - but many did not. We take a look at who is doing what and who does it well and who does not.

Download FTSE 100 Financial Results Reporting - How do you rate? The Edge Picture Company

As we navigate the post-COVID landscape, the approach to financial results reporting is now marked by a diverse range of styles. Yet, a consistent observation stands out: only a handful of companies excel in this arena. This raises several questions: Which companies are leading the way? What sets them apart? How can others elevate their presentations to make the most of these critical moments in the spotlight? We have taken a look at the numbers and the trends: Who is doing what?  Are virtual presentations here to stay? Is pre-recording the presentation the way forwards? Has anyone been brave enough to abandon PowerPoint?  This White Paper reveals all.

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Published 22 April, 2024