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With the second round of gender pay gap reporting approaching, companies should be thinking about how they can build on their first reports, taking control of the narrative and using it as a springboard for positive stakeholder engagement.

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Spring 2018 saw the first round of gender pay gap reporting. Organisations in Great Britain with over 250 employees were required to collect data on six pay metrics and publish a public report, in order to identify any gender pay gap that may exist.

For those of you involved in producing your organisation’s gender pay gap report, the first round may have been a challenging exercise. It might have involved introducing new procedures, or collating and analysing potentially complex data that might not be readily available.

We saw a significant range in the standard of reporting, from pure compliance to those going above and beyond. In this white paper we take a look at what we learned from our analysis of those first reports, identifying examples of best practice and areas for further improvement and potential development.

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We’re experts in producing corporate reports that people want to pick up, read and act on. When a direct, skilfully executed approach is needed, we’re trusted to deliver. But it’s the way we listen to and work with our clients that makes our approach different.

For us, there’s more to reporting than delivering an exceptional end product. We’re just as focused on building the strong relationships that will help us achieve it. That’s because improving the reporting process leads to clearer strategic thinking throughout.

Two decades of reporting experience tells us to listen intently to the people behind the financials. We know that stakeholders who feel fully engaged in the process become even more connected to their company’s progress − financially and otherwise.

You could say we help organisations to focus on what really matters. What’s certain is that our approach leads to unified thinking and a single plan of action that everyone can get behind. The result? Inspiring reports and a more intelligent way of working.

Our services encompass reporting, digital, brand and engagement:

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Published 24 January, 2019

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