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The deadline for complying with the TCFD Framework is looming. Our latest guide looks to break down the details and help you on your TCFD journey.

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As part of the government's Green Finance Strategy, all listed companies are required to disclose environmental and climate change information, particularly inline with the TCFD framework. As a listed company, you will no doubt know this, or at least have heard of the TCFD framework.

We know that this new level of sustainability reporting requirements may seem a little daunting, so we have begun gathering our key thoughts, opinions and advice, and started packing them into our latest 'how to' reporting guide.

The guide details:

  • What the TCFD framework is
  • What it entails
  • How you embed this both internally and within your reporting, and;
  • Our suggested 3 step journey to the highest level of compliance.

It will support you in getting started on your journey towards TCFD reporting compliance, however if you do need any further assistance or have any questions, the Jones and Palmer team are happy to help! So drop us an email or give us a call. 

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Published 23 February, 2021

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