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Looking for a playbook that gives you the tools to navigate converging forces of change to consumers, investors, employees, partners, suppliers, and the public as a whole? Look no further. The Building Trust Through the 4Rs focuses on corporate responsibility, brand reputation, employee recruitment and audience reach. This report features four case studies, highlighting some of the world’s most ambitious brands.

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We’re living through a time of breathtaking change. Never have so many forces of change converged in the business world at one time—from adapting to the rise of the stay-at-home economy and the pace of innovation in technology, to becoming genuinely purpose-driven and aligned with stakeholders’ values. What we expect and need from the companies we work for, buy from, invest in, and trust is a growing, complex list. And that's where brand building begins—with trust.

Capturing that opportunity means raising the bar for what effective communications and marketing looks like. It means closing the gap between what companies say and what they do, and leveraging the power of creative, consistent, engaging and trustworthy communications.

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Jess Blair
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Published 11 August, 2021