IR Society Member Survey 2023

Feedback from the membership is invaluable to the committees and management team of IR Society, as they plan the year ahead. This was the tenth consecutive year that QuantiFire was asked to collect and report feedback from the IR Society’s membership.

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Our research was conducted between 23rd August and 20th September 2023, and we obtained responses from 90 members of the Society (predominantly senior IROs). This report follows on from nine years of previous research and historical data has been included where possible.We hope that this summary of the findings will also be of interest to the wider IR community, for highlighting current themes, challenges and expectations for the year ahead.


About QuantiFire

QuantiFire helps IROs to provide better service to investors and much better reporting to management. We do this by collecting and analysing response information from investors and analysts, as data and at scale.

Many companies struggle to identify 'new' investor names with a confirmed interest in meeting; QuantiFire's 'pre-engagement' interest research solves this problem. 'Post-engagement' we support clients with market-leading investor feedback and perception research solutions.

For investors, our service engages them as carefully targeted individuals using secure and innovative protocols that respect their time and privacy, whilst improving user experience.

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Published 14 November, 2023