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With an increasing interest in sustainability reporting and disclosures from stakeholders, it’s important to understand the complex landscape of frameworks and formats available.

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In parallel with growing public interest, media attention and political debate, the focus on your business’ approach to sustainability will come under growing scrutiny.

It is difficult, however, to figure out how best to approach sustainability reporting. With an array of different frameworks to report on sustainability issues, each with a slightly different purpose and perspective on sustainability, it is tricky to understand how they interact and relate to each other, and what should be prioritised. With the complexity of the sustainability landscape, there is a lack of clarity between framework providers, companies reporting on their sustainability, and the end users of the company’s reports.

This guide aims to provide a clear path forward to help you to effectively report on your sustainability approach, strategy and performance. It simplifies the sustainability reporting landscape and provides a starting point to improving your sustainability reporting. Ultimately, a concise and appropriate selection will benefit the report’s end user, as they are required to familiarise themselves with a variety of frameworks to help them make good decisions.

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Published 3 June, 2019

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