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Want to know how to tell a compelling story under the new UK Corporate Governance Code? We’ve updated our guide with case studies and examples to consider for engaging reporting.

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Last year we launched our reporting guide ‘How to create an informative and effective Annual Report with the new UK Corporate Governance Code’ highlighting the main changes in the updated Code and the impact on your business. It also provided examples and ideas on how to report effectively.

With the code now being implemented for the upcoming 2020 reporting season, we have taken the time to run through the uptake so far by the FTSE 100 in a recent article and updated the guide with new examples to showcase considerations for engaging reporting.

Our guide is there to help understand the wider impact of the UK Corporate Governance Code updates and provides reporting considerations that can give your stakeholders a fuller and more insightful picture of how your company is applying the Code principles and your approach to governance.

There are also considerations for those tasked with the Strategic Report to help support coherent reporting throughout the report.

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Published 3 March, 2020

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