IR regulation and compliance essentials - Module Two (Online)

For IR professionals, compliance with rules and guidelines is an essential part of the job. Whether it is in financial reporting, market disclosures, compliance with relevant listing regimes, the treatment of inside information, or in the context of a transaction, mistakes are costly – not least in reputational terms.

Module Two looks at more specific areas and situations, such as IPOs and transactions. Attendees will learn how the legal and compliance requirements for IR communications fit together, how they are applied in practice, and what best practice standards are.

Please note, we recommend that both module one and two are completed together.

Who should attend?

  • The IR Society recommends all members to attend this course at least once to ensure they understand the legislative environment in which they work
  • CIR candidates
  • New and experienced IRO's, corporate communications and financial PR professionals 
  • Company seceraties who are involved in IR activities will also benefit from this course

We are in the process of finalising the next date for this course

Please check back regularly as we will confirm the date as soon as possible. If you would like further information on the content of this course in the meantime please contact

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