QuantiFire has pioneered a highly successful form of perception research, which builds on qualitative commentary by also producing sentiment ‘as data’. The solution is light-touch for investors and provides IRO’s with a low-cost, ongoing reporting service.

We call this the ‘Living Perception Study’. It improves efficiency and reduces costs, by uncovering the 'cause & effect’ of market perception.

This groundbreaking service is proven and has global reach. Alongside this, QuantiFire also integrates and visualises multiple IR data, providing turnkey analysis for investor targeting, roadshow planning, message refinements, board reporting and more. 

At QuantiFire, we believe that much more can be done with IR data analysis and we have the next generation technology to prove it.

"QuantiFire's investor perception and IR data analysis is an intelligent solution which provides valuable real-time feedback on investors' view of the strategy and the business."

Head of Investor Relations, Travis Perkins

Services: Perception studies

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