Rose & Company

Rose & Company

Rose & Company is a leading independent capital markets advisory firm headquartered in New York. We offer strategic counsel and tailored solutions to help companies increase market valuation. Serving a broad range of companies across industries and geographies, we employ a forward-thinking approach to investor engagement and acquisition, leveraging significant experience and broad relationships within the investment community. We align our interests with those of our clients and focus on creating long-term value by identifying, engaging, and building relationships with high-quality, long-term investors.

As an independent advocate, we provide a distinct and proactive approach to Investor Access, addressing the inefficiencies of traditional bank-sponsored methods. Our investor qualification process, leveraging comprehensive data and analyzed by our highly experienced team of senior Wall Street professionals, connects companies with the right investors, not just the highest commission payers. Our approach fosters consistent dialogue with over 1,500 global institutional investors creating a feedback loop that informs strategy and messaging. We represent a diverse portfolio of over 100 companies spanning various industry sectors, market capitalizations, and geographies. Our expansive reach ensures we maintain active engagement with a broad range of generalist investors.

Investor Access

Rose & Company optimizes the resources our clients allocate to investor marketing through a comprehensive program that maximizes awareness, generates positive investor response, and ultimately leads to increased market value and liquidity. We proactively identify, arrange meetings with, and deliver our client’s narrative to the most relevant universe of investors to build and maintain a high-quality shareholder base. The scope of our investor acquisition and retention program is based on a client’s unique characteristics, goals, resources, and our assessment of what is achievable.

  • Investor Qualification: We deploy our proprietary process to qualify investors whose investment criteria align with your company's value proposition. This process is predicated on a rigorous, data-driven foundation that extends beyond traditional investor targeting methodologies.
  • Investor Outreach: We deploy a sales team of senior Wall Street professionals to conduct direct outreach to a curated selection of investors and arrange meetings with decision-makers.
  • Investor Feedback: We gather and leverage investor feedback to continually refine your messaging and tier investors for follow up.
  • Follow Through: We establish a marketing pipeline to encourage and sustain dialogue and engagement from initial interest to shareholder conversion.

Reporting & Analysis

We produce a variety of reports providing important insights and competitive intelligence for our clients. Report types include:

  • Shareholder Reporting
    • Overview 
    • Top holders & changes 
    • Ownership by region 
    • Historical & ownership mix 
    • Shareholder concentration 
    • Industry & sector analysis 
  • Sell-side Analysis
    • Coverage, ratings & price targets 
    • Detailed estimates & consensus 
    • Quarterly research review 
    • Peer group / sector reporting 
  • Performance Analysis
    • Performance vs peers & benchmarks 
    • Short interest reporting 

Corporate Advisory

We work with our clients to evaluate, define, and execute complementary strategies to enhance their efforts to engage with new and existing institutional shareholders. Services include:

  • Investor Relations Strategy
  • Messaging Audit
  • Presentation Development
  • Financial Communications
  • Outsourced Investor Relations Services
  • Investor Days & Other Events

Services: Board advisory, Campaigns, Corporate access, Corporate branding, CRM databases, Debt IR, Financial PR, Investor analytics, Investor presentations, Investor Relations, Investor targeting and roadshows, IR consultancy, IR for small caps, IR Strategy, Perception studies, Share register analysis, Strategic Communications

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