Trend Intelligence

Trend Intelligence

Trend is the world’s only creator of trend-following intelligence, kick starting a new era in investment research. At Trend we’re committed to simplicity in investment research, dedicating ourselves to removing noise and complexity. Our mission is to empower Investor Relations teams to fully understand their own share prices and investor behaviour. We do this by analysing and visualizing price trends using the world’s leading trend-following indicators.

Trend-following is an investment style that is over a century old, and by all accounts is the most objective lens for which to look at a company’s stock price. Trend-following is unique in that it doesn’t require any interpretation of headlines or economic information. Instead, the style applies pure mathematical models to asset prices. This simplicity makes it incredibly popular with institutional investors.

For an IRO, access to trend-following research on their own company stock issue can be a significant and differentiating advantage - as it allows expectations about the company’s share price future are made much clearer. Trend Intelligence does not charge clients for the first month of its subscription service and is cancellable at any time.

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Adrian Dacruz, MBA,MSTA

CEO and Founder

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