Sponsorship opportunities

An overview of the Society's sponsorship opportunities

We provide a range of high-quality sponsorship opportunities to suit a wide range of budgets.

We currently offer a number of annual sponsorship packages designed to give sponsors a close, year-long association with the Society and its members. These packages give our sponsors exposure at both of our key networking events – the annual conference and the awards dinner - as well as an ongoing presence in Informed, our quarterly magazine, and on the IR Society website.

There are also specific sponsorship opportunities available around the annual conference and awards dinner - which both provide sponsors with excellent exposure to our members and the wider IR community.

Our events and professional development programmes are also available for sponsorship, once again providing sponsors with long-term exposure to the Society's members.

In addition to these annual packages we also have a range of opportunities ranging from advertising in the IR Society's publications to one-off sponsorship opportunities around specific events.

If you would like more information about sponsorship opportunities with the IR Society please contact Robert Dann on 020 3978 1980 or Robert.Dann@irsociety.org.uk