Annual Conference

The IR Society Annual Conference took place at IET: Savoy Place, London on 13 June 2023. Dates for 2024 to be announced!

Dynamic IR: Staying authentic and managing on-going structural change


The IR Society’s Annual Conference for 2023, Dynamic IR: Staying authentic and managing on-going structural change, covered the major issues and challenges facing Investor Relations, as IRO’s look to broaden their communications mandates across a widening range of stakeholders.

This is against a backdrop of several ongoing structural developments which are impacting key constituents of the investment community. In this context, and to help raise the profile of IR across a broad range of internal and external audiences, the conference provided insight on how IR teams can address the key priorities of these stakeholders.

The conference also covered the key challenges and opportunities for IRO’s working across a range of different companies and sectors, as well as providing ideas about innovative ways to engage with stakeholders. Ultimately, the event sought to ensure that IROs stay dynamic and authentic, as they seek to manage the ongoing structural change. 

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The 2022 conference, New Horizons: Staying agile and adaptable in a transforming world, focused on the major prevailing and future potential issues, trends, opportunities and challenges facing IROs in an evolving operating environment. 

2022 Conference highlights


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