Preparing for the examination

The Diploma in IR is a very different examination from the CIR. The Diploma is looking to examine a range of technical and practical skills, with much drawn from a candidate’s own working experience.

Unlike the CIR, there is no “one size suits all” study guide.

We expect candidates to demonstrate the experience they have gained in their working lives as well as the independent study they have done around the syllabus topics. As a result, the amount and type of preparation required (and the time it takes) will vary from candidate to candidate depending on their background.

For more information on preparing for the examination see pages 5-6 of the 2022/2023 Diploma in IR Information Pack.  Also on pages 16-17 you will find sample exam questions.

The format of the examination

Each candidate will sit two formal, written (computer-based) examinations, each of up to 3 hours in length. You will also be required to make an uninterrupted formal presentation lasting about 15 minutes, in which you showcase an IR-related piece of work of which you are particularly proud or discuss a generic topic (if confidentiality issues preclude the use of an actual case). You will then answer questions on your presentation for 10 – 15 minutes

For more information on the examination, presentation and marking see pages 7-12 of the 2022/2023 Diploma in IR Information Pack.

Download 2022/2023 Diploma in IR Information Pack

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