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This form allows you to register for the Certificate in Investor Relations (CIR) or the International Certificate in Investor Relations (ICIR) – at a member or non-member rate.

The key difference between the CIR and the ICIR is the CIR covers UK markets whereas the ICIR captures the essential elements common to international markets. We recommend the CIR for those who either work for, or advise, companies with a UK listing. This is because there are elements of the study guide which are unique to the UK listing rules. We recommend the ICIR for all others.

We run a regular CIR Revision Course at an additional cost. This covers Sections 3, 4 and 5 of the study guide. If you would also like to register for a CIR Revision Course at this time, please select the relevant option from the list below. This revision course is only for CIR candidates, not ICIR candidates.

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Upon receipt of payment you will be issued with a study guide (PDF) and a welcome letter, containing details for your mock exams.

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Exams can be conducted online or in person at our offices in Coleman Street, London. The online exams are conducted using zoom software, so you will need access to a computer with a webcam. Please contact Tara Mitchell when you feel ready to sit your exam and a suitable date and time can be arranged.

Please indicate when you intend to sit the CIR/ICIR exam from the dates below.

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If you registered for the CIR and the CIR revision course above, please select your preferred date for the CIR revision course from the list below. Please note that you do not have to book a revision course at this time — you can book this at any time in the future.


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