Here is what previous CIR candidates and IR professionals have to say about the CIR

"The materials were so informative, and I am certain that the knowledge gained will be invaluable in my professional growth."
Aleya Sultan, African Export Import Bank

"I found the online exam process very straightforward and easy to use. I would encourage any candidate that feels they are ready to sit the exam to do so through the online process"
Martin Brown, Managing Partner, Jura Partners

“As a communications company whose clients are mostly in-house IR departments, the CIR qualification was a great way for us to gain a fuller understanding of the broader regulatory environment our clients operate within and to better understand the pressures and challenges they face. I also found that the sections of the course on financial markets, valuation and regulation helped me to improve my general commercial awareness and the recognition provided by the qualification has given me more confidence when advising our clients on best practice communications.”
Matthew Hempstead, Research Consultant, Black Sun 

“As someone new to IR, the CIR was a great introduction to the role of the IR professional and really helped me to identify the areas where I would most benefit from further development.”
Elizabeth Scorer, Investor Relations Manager, IG Group 

“The CIR exam was the best recognised platform that allowed me to understand the framework, terminology and calculations for the UK and International business regulations. Deborah Morton-Dare is an excellent teacher, engaging and accelerated my knowledge of the course content. The supportive team, gave me the tools I needed to learn. I would recommend the Investor Relations Society to anyone currently dealing or in the IR space to obtain this qualification, giving you a competitive edge by the holistic understanding and best practice of the industry.”
Claire Hillyer, Independent 

“I found the CIR courses invaluable in helping me better understand and exchange views on the practical application of IR, rather than thinking about it only from a theoretical perspective. The topics covered on both courses – IR regulation and compliance essentials & Demystifying company accounts and valuations have given me a broader view of the financial and corporate communications landscape, and I’d recommend to all.”
Ben Stokes, Account Director, Lansons

“The different CIR modules were each beneficial in their own right giving depth in knowledge whilst being able to relay important updates to the rest of my team. It really has given me the building blocks to learn further and add value.”
Alexandra Keable, Investor Relations Manager, HSBC Holdings 

“It was my initiative to apply for this course, and I hope that the knowledge I received will be useful to my employer. I partly financed my study, so I was motivated to study in the evenings and over the weekends. I spent half of my two-week holiday going through the study guide over and over again, and I passed my mock exam three times, the score going up each time, giving me more confidence. All in all, preparation for my study took 80 hours. It was very useful to attend all the courses that the CIR programme entailed, in particular ‘Demystifying company accounts’ helped me to refresh the accounting and finance knowledge needed for the basics of the IR profession and for passing the exam. The course regulatory issues was very useful in understanding the EU and UK regulatory requirements and grasping the IPO process. The timing of the courses has been extremely well-chosen – there was slightly more than a month between them, and the revision course helped to consolidate the knowledge and to highlight the areas requiring special attention. It was very useful to attend all the courses and to make helpful connections which I am sure will grow into cooperation in the future!”
Volodymyr Gaidash, Head of Communications, UkrGasVydobuvannya (UGV)