International Certificate in IR syllabus

Course syllabus for the International Certificate in IR (ICIR) qualification

1. Principles of Investor Relations

1.1 Introduction to IR
1.2 Why companies need IR
1.3 What makes a successful IR function
1.4 The scope of IR

2. Financial Markets

2.1 Global financial markets
2.2 How do equity or stock markets work
2.3 Equity investors
2.4 Debt investors

3. Companies and Regulation

3.1 Limited companies
3.2 UK Companies Act (CA) 2006
3.3 Statutory reporting and financial reporting calendar

4. Regulatory Environment

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Market abuse
4.3 Listing rules
4.4 Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules
4.5 Corporate governance
4.6 Takeover rules
4.7 Periodic financial reporting
4.8 Regulatory announcements
4.9 Summary of the United States (US) regulations

5. Accounting Valuation and Investment Principles

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Accounts
5.3 Key financial ratios
5.4 Investment appraisal and valuation - Time value of money
5.5 Valuation models and measures
5.6 Portfolio theory

6. Effective IR in Practice

6.1 IR audiences
6.2 IR advisers
6.3 Internal relationships
6.4 Knowing your shareholders
6.5 Understanding disclosure obligations
6.6 Communications tools and techniques
6.7 The day-to-day business of IR
6.8 Measuring the value of IR

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