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10 January, 2019

Stock lending in UK Plc - RD:IR

The level of stock lending in the UK market is on the rise. This does not indicate that shorting itself is increasing, but often paints a picture of more public companies being shorted by investors. With global markets going through turbulent days, what precisely is causing this stock lending to become more common as it has?

4 December, 2018

Building the investment case: analysis across the FTSE 350 and AIM 50 – Design Portfolio

Despite the growing importance of the investment case, many corporates are still unsure how to present their own. Our latest whitepaper, aims to shed light on best practice investment cases. Gathering key data from FTSE350 and AIM 50 corporate websites, annual reports and investor presentations, we demonstrate how companies are currently addressing their investment case, if at all, and how this has changed over the last three years. Is there still a lack of consistency between the corporate website and the annual report?

4 December, 2018

If investors were in charge of reporting - MerchantCantos

The corporate reporting landscape has changed rapidly over the last decade. New regulations have put companies under unprecedented scrutiny. The role of the annual report is once again in the spotlight. As the trend towards ‘no frills’ reporting gathers momentum, there is no better time to take a step back and ask what exactly do investors want from reporting. As reporting continues to evolve, companies should be mindful of what investors want and need from it.

19 October, 2018

Quality over quantity - RD:IR

Over the past decade, the number of issuers listed on the Main and AIM markets of the London Stock Exchange has decreased dramatically. However, the value of both markets has grown despite this decrease. In addition, the distribution of issuers between different sectors has been turned on its head since 1999 – remember when tech stocks ruled during the dotcom boom?

19 October, 2018

Preparing for the 2019 AGM Season - D.F. King

Now more than ever, it is essential for companies to lever all the corporate governance tools at their disposal to tell their story, explaining their governance so that investors and stakeholders alike understand how their model creates growth for shareholders and why they are good corporate citizens.

11 October, 2018

The evolving landscape: 10th annual IR survey - Citigate Dewe Rogerson

Investor Relations Officers (IROs) from leading companies around the globe were invited to participate in our 10th Annual IR Survey. Citigate Dewe Rogerson sought their views on how the latest trends in the financial markets were affecting their investor relations strategies. Specifically, we examined the key IR objectives for the coming year, the level of board engagement with investors, approach to dealing with activist investors, changes to reporting and expectation management, investor engagement and the use of technology.This year, 221 IROs contributed to our survey, representing companies from 36 countries, with a combined market value of over $100 trillion.

9 October, 2018

Navigating new communications challenges - Design Portfolio

In this “post-truth” world, it is important, now more than ever, that you are able to clearly define and articulate what it is you want to say about your organisation, its purpose and its culture. At Design Portfolio, we believe this should be an easy process. Our latest digital whitepaper, Navigating New Communication Challenges, focuses on how you can break down your communication challenges into bite-size chunks, in order to identify the opportunities within them and improve your engagement.

10 September, 2018

How to amplify your corporate story - Black Sun

Investors confirm that the corporate website is the first port of call when they are looking for information about a company. However, it’s not always easy to tell what is better practice and what is a passing trend for corporate website communications. Black Sun takes the guess work out of this process, providing recommendations and highlighting trends based on assessments of all FTSE 100 and some FTSE 250 corporate websites.

30 August, 2018

How to create an informative and effective Annual Report with the new UK Corporate Governance Code

Want to know how to tell a compelling story under the new UK Corporate Governance Code? Jones and Palmer's latest guide explores the provisions along with examples and best practice.

13 July, 2018

The Investor Relations 2018 Trend Report - Carter Murray

During 2017, Carter Murray took the decision to invest and develop its Investor Relations (IR) and Corporate Communications function to be well positioned for the buoyant market ahead. The Investor Relations 2018 Trend Report identifies the key opportunities and challenges the sector is facing, how IR contributes to the strategic direction of a business and the implications of an increasingly diverse talent pool. Furthermore, we look at the results of our survey to identify trends in career backgrounds and aspirations, and the remuneration of IR professionals. We are delighted to be working in partnership with the UK’s Investor Relations Society on this report. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to this report, who have provided it with the industry insight and value which have driven the ideas and content within it. We trust that you will find it useful.

12 July, 2018

After the Love Has Gone - Hardman & Co

Post-IPO liquidity – how bad is it, does it matter and what can companies do about it? We have analysed three years of LSE data to answer the question, looking at 206 floats. To get the full benefit of being quoted on the capital markets, companies need to engage and understand that the market for investor airtime is very competitive. Engagement can take many forms including working more closely with investor relations advisors.

16 March, 2018

Deutsche Bank Depositary Receipts 2017 in Review

A comprehensive overview of the Depositary Receipts market in 2017, including industry trends, key milestones and interviews with clients plus Deutsche Bank’s Head of ESG Research

6 March, 2018

A reformed character? – a look at reporting on purpose, culture and values – Emperor

The collapse of Carillion and the scandal engulfing Oxfam have brought the issues of corporate culture and governance further into the spotlight. Now, more than ever, companies and Boards need to demonstrate that they have a purpose beyond profit and articulate how this purpose is reflected in their corporate culture and strategic objectives.

2 March, 2018

A Practical Guide to Onboarding - Fidelio Partners

In a time of rapid change it is clear that companies need diverse skills and profiles in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The speed of change has made access to talent imperative; it has also made the onboarding process, in particular for senior executives, significantly more challenging. “Organ rejection” is a distinct risk in times of rapid corporate change; newly appointed candidates may also decide that the role is not for them. Fidelio is seeing a number of our clients and other leading organisations sharpen their focus on the onboarding process. Indeed, without an effective and thorough onboarding process, ambitious diversity targets will be nigh on impossible to achieve.

7 December, 2017

Targeted vs Passive: The best mix of outreach strategies for public companies - Issuer Direct

This whitepaper covers Traditional and Digital investor outreach strategies: embracing a targeted and passive approach to corporate communications and best practices for managing multi-channel investor outreach efforts.

7 December, 2017

MiFID2 IR Survey - Exane BNP Paribas

Mifid2 is transforming the European equities industry. While most commentary has understandably focused on the implications for the buy-side and the sell-side, the knock-on effects for corporates are less well understood. Thanks to the responses of over 300 European (IR) professionals, this survey of corporate attitudes attempts to paint a clearer picture of the landscape post-Mifid2.

7 December, 2017

Top 10 tips for Boards: Telling your long-term value creation story - Black Sun

As businesses around the globe respond to calls to demonstrate their contribution to inclusive long-term value creation for all of society - change is in the air. Here are our top tips for Boards trying to better communicate their corporate stories.

28 November, 2017

2017 Global Trends in Investor Relations - BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon are proud to share with you the 11th edition of the Global Trends in Investor Relations survey. This research is the result of the longest running and most comprehensive global survey of the investor relations industry—and our 2017 report continues this tradition, representing the views of IR professionals from 537 companies in 51 countries.

17 November, 2017

MiFID II, Corporate Access & the “broker exemption”: Question Time - Capital Access Group

Capital Access Group has published a further report on the potential impact of MiFID II on capital market communications. This study is a continuation of its investor perception surveys which, to date, have secured the views of over 200 fund managers. The third quarter survey asked for intentions towards corporate access provided by brokers.

12 October, 2017

MiFID II, Equity Research & Corporate Access: More or Less? Capital Access Group

Capital Access Group has published a report on the potential impact of MiFID II on capital market communications. The study is based on over 300 interviews with market participants including CIOs, compliance officers, investment analysts, corporate brokers and company executives. It concludes that there is likely to be a significant impact on the production of research and the provision of broker-sponsored investor meetings; potentially affecting the role of investor relations.

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