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Informed 16 October, 2017

Informed 96 – Autumn 2017

The Autumn 2017 issue of Informed contains a special feature titled ‘Navigating a new landscape for IR’. This explores the changing patters in finance and technology – with implications for IROs.

Informed 14 July, 2017

Informed 95 – Summer 2017

The main feature in this issue of Informed reports on the IR Society’s 2017 annual conference, A new world order: the ascent of IR, which took place on June 20th 2017.

Informed 21 March, 2017

Informed 94 – Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 issue of Informed contains a special feature titled ‘All change in the City: another Big Bang?’. We asked contributors to comment on forthcoming regulatory changes, the global economic climate and what the future of IR may look like.

Informed 21 December, 2016

Informed 93 – Winter 2016/17

This issue covers the 2016 IR Society Best Practice Awards, with pictures from the event and full coverage of the winners. There is also a feature on best practice in 2017, with articles discussing the political and regulatory landscape.

Informed 27 September, 2016

Informed 92 – Autumn 2016

The main theme of this issue is a report on careers and professional development – including articles from IROs and service providers. This issue also contains international perspectives from Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa.

Informed 20 July, 2016

Informed 91 – Summer 2016

The main feature of this issue is a 26-page report on the IR Society's 2016 annual conference, Access, Board, Careers: An ABC in IR. The second feature is on best practice, and includes six contributions from IR professionals.

Informed 24 March, 2016

Informed 90 – Spring 2016

‘Defining IR best practice’ was the main theme of this issue. We offered a wide-ranging overview of IR today including: reporting, governance and benchmarking. We also presented three case studies which go behind the scenes at some leading companies, and we looked at innovations in digital IR.

Informed 22 December, 2015

Informed 89 – Winter 2015/16

The main feature was the 16-page report, including photos, on the annual IR Society Best Practice Awards, which was held at The Tower of London in November. The second feature in this issue was titled 'Building your IR career'.

Informed 5 October, 2015

Informed 88 – Autumn 2015

The Autumn issue of Informed contains two special features, one on policy and one on professional development, with a selection of articles from IROs, service providers and those relevant to the industry.

Informed 3 August, 2015

Informed 87 – Summer 2015

This special issue of Informed celebrates the Society’s 35th anniversary with a number of articles from some familiar faces in IR. We also include a full report on the 2015 annual conference, with session write-ups, photos, cartoons and more.

Informed 26 March, 2015

Informed 86 – Spring 2015

The main feature in the Spring 2015 issue of Informed was a report on best practice, with 12 articles from IROs and industry professionals. Also in this issue were reports on the European economy and the outlook for 2015.

Informed 17 December, 2014

Informed 85 – Winter 2014/15

The main feature in the Winter 2014/15 issue of Informed was the 16-page report, including photos, on the annual IR Society Best Practice Awards, held at the Honorable Artillery Company in November. The prize-winners and sponsors were listed along with photographs from this memorable event.

Informed 6 October, 2014

Informed 84 – Autumn 2014

This issue of Informed includes 'IR and the board', a special feature on the role of investor relations in the boardroom – examing the key relationship between the IRO and the executive team.

Informed 22 July, 2014

Informed 83 – Summer 2014

'The strategic value of IR' and a 24-page report on the Society's 2014 conference are the main features of this issue.

Informed 16 April, 2014

Informed 82 – Spring 2014

For Informed 82, we decided to ask a number of contributors to describe their daily preoccupations - to give readers an idea of the tasks that IR professionals around the globe face in their daily lives. This was our main feature - ‘A Day in the Life of IR’.

Informed 16 April, 2014

Informed 81 – Winter 2013

The main feature in the Winter 2013/14 issue of Informed was the detailed 12-page report, with photos, on the annual IR Best Practice Awards, held at the Tower of London in December.

Informed 18 October, 2013

Informed 80 – Autumn 2013

Measuring the strategic value of IR - a special feature which looks at the growing contribution of IR to corporate success.

Informed 29 July, 2013

Informed 79 - Summer 2013

2013 Conference: An International Masterclass in IR, DELIVER and The IR Profession

Informed 30 April, 2013

Informed 78 - Spring 2013

A special feature on international market trends and IRO priorities for 2013

The Impact of MiFID II for IROs - some advice ahead of January 2018 implementation #IRchat

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